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50 North

Our 50 North continual goal and mission is to provide a special sense of belonging within our synagogue by establishing meaningful friendships, social connections and experiences. Our contact list is evolving so please forward our events and information to other ATJC member who may be interested.
How are 50 North programs determined?
Our programs are planned by congregant volunteers. Everyone is welcome and invited to be part of the planning process. To include the largest number of people some of our programs are mostly daytime and a few evening, as well as in the evening and on weekends. As we look into the future, some may  involve overnight (or longer) travel.  We also welcome suggestions and new ideas.  To add your name to our roster or send us a program idea, please contact the synagogue office (305) 937-1880.
Are 50 North events open to non-congregants or those younger than 50? Because our goal is to help congregants get to know each other, 50 North events are primarily for ATJC congregants. The program is designed for those who are 50+ and, if applicable, their younger spouses or significant others.
Do I have to pay for 50 North events? 50 North events are designed to be self-supporting. Many events will have no cost or fee; others will have a nominal charge. We will be clear in our publicity regarding costs.  Expense should never keep a congregant from participating in an event.  We’ll do whatever we can to help assist with program costs. 
Please let us help you become an active participant in our synagogue family/ community.
Thu, May 28 2020 5 Sivan 5780