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ATJC Brotherhood

The ATJC Brotherhood "motto": If You're Breathing You're In. Yes, we realize that sounds like an impossibly high bar for membership. However, we are confident that our dedicated staff in the acceptance office will work with you to insure that you, too, can earn the coveted title of Bro'hood Member. Once you join, you'll find yourself in the company of men, many of whom have never been incarcerated or even indicted, doing all sorts of cool activities.
​We've been known to have outings to Heat, Panthers, Dolphins, and Marlins games. We have meetings just to schmooze and enjoy cold pizza and warm beer. We go bowling and go kart racing. We have an annual Scotch and Sedra night, at which we taste whiskey and discuss Torah wisdom. We donate blood. We have a wine tasting event that we wisely allow to be organized by the YaYa Sisterhood. (That's called delegating, people.) We provide ushering at High Holy Days services. We are also the ones who send out the Yellow Candles to remind everyone to commemorate the Shoah. So basically, this is a club for all seasons. (If we had actual seasons in Miami, that line would've worked better.)  Join us for the following upcoming events.​
Sun, April 5 2020 11 Nisan 5780