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High Holy Days Appeal

5782/2021 High Holy Days Appeal
Your donation recognizes that a Jewish community such as ours depends on each of you. This act of Tzedakah from the heart is one of the greatest ways we embody the value l'dor vador (from generation to generation), ensuring that our ATJC community is here and vibrant for generations to come.

We cherish the fact that ATCJ is your spiritual home for joyous occasions and of comfort during these challenging times; and that our Rabbis are always present to provide you and your family with spiritual guidance, pastoral care and personal support.

This past year, your support helped us mobilize to help our community by aiding those less fortunate, vaccinate our senior community, support those affected by the tragedy in Surfside and rally to support Israel and our Jewish family around the world.

It is our hope that you will take the time to make a donation to support our holy mission. Your financial support enables our congregation to continue to offer a wide-range of engaging programs, informative adult education classes, joyful Shabbat and holiday celebrations. Your support also supports our ATJC Tauber Academy, Religious School, and Youth Education to help them flourish and provide new and innovative initiatives.

Your financial support allows us to :
  • SECURE the long-term future of our synagogue.
  • UNDERWRITE Shabbat and Jewish holiday celebrations, observances and meals.
  • MAINTAIN our synagogue’s precious Torah scrolls, and ritual items.
  • HELP us to discreetly and compassionately assist those in need in our community.
  • SUPPORT our synagogue’s “open door” policy in which all are welcome and none are turned away.
  • HELP preschool children receive need based scholarships to the ATJC Tauber Academy.
  • PROVIDE tuition assistance for supplementary Religious Education and B’nai Mitzvah training.
  • SUPPLY necessary resources and materials for Jewish Education.
  • SUSTAIN the special family events, celebrations, adult education, lecture series, online content and more.

If you are blessed to be able to be generous, please consider increasing your donation in honor of all those who are unable to contribute. So many families are counting on us this year more than ever. That is why we are counting on our generous donors more than ever.
Thank you for supporting our holy mission.
Thu, April 25 2024 17 Nisan 5784