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Welcome to the ATJC Family

ATJC is a Conservative Jewish Synagogue Community committed to Jewish learning (Limmud לימוד),
Jewish practice (Mitzvot מצוות), Jewish values (Middot מידות), the Jewish people (Am Yisrael עם ישראל),
and the State of Israel (Medinat Yisrael מדינת ישראל). 
Membership opportunities are available for every household and season. We welcome your participation and look forward to welcoming you to our ATJC Community Family!  Our members have a voice in shaping our community. We are an inclusive and welcoming community. We encourage participation from all who seek a connection to Jewish life and want to be part of our sacred community regardless of religious background, race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, ability, age, sexual orientation and gender identity. We encourage and welcome the entire community to worship with us, learn with us, act with us, and celebrate with us. 

What are the Benefits of Membership?
Joining the ATJC family is so much more than a financial transaction. Synagogue membership is an act that reflects what you value, not the quantifiable value of what you get in return. It is not a gym membership or a cell phone bill. The value of belonging to a caring, inclusive, Jewish community like ATJC is unquantifiable and priceless, yet very tangible and meaningful. We are blessed to have dedicated clergy and staff, and a community in which we can worship and learn together, laugh and cry together, and improve the world through tikkun olam.

Your membership commitment recognizes that a Jewish community such as ours depends on each of its members. This annual act of belonging is from the heart, it is one of the greatest ways we embody the value l'dor vador (from generation to generation), ensuring that our ATJC community is here and vibrant for generations to come.


Join the ATJC Family
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ATJC Commitment 
Commitments renew automatically each year on July 1st.  Your payment on file will be automatically assessed each year until you decide to cancel.

If you are blessed to be able, we ask that you consider making as generous as possible donation to enable us to continue our holy work. 


The safety and security of our community is our top priority. We have worked closely with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Aventura Police Department, our private security professionals, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Miami’s Security Department to constantly assess and re-evaluate all of our synagogue security procedures and protocols. In order to keep up with the rising costs of securing our campus, the Board has approved a security assessment of $375 per family.

Thank you for supporting our holy mission.
Mon, February 26 2024 17 Adar I 5784