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Teaching Inventors, Problem Solvers, Discoverers and Dreamers
Preparation for Elementary School 


* Whole-group activities that develop social skills, such as sharing, listening and cooperation

* Learning with vocabulary, letters, and words  

* Development of independent learning skills with our hands-on experiences

*  Thematic units that encourage curiosity, self-direction, and confidence

* Regular communication with teachers so that you are informed about your child's day  

*  Daily language experiences that support literacy and language development

* Observation-based assessments that demonstrate your child's progress

* Portfolios that collect your child's work and capture learning

*  Regular communication with teachers so that you are informed

The Tauber Academy curriculum is filled with new and exciting programs.  Not only do we have a state of the art facility which includes an “adventure playground”, we have developed a curriculum that makes our program the perfect beginning for your child’s academic journey.

The administration, staff and faculty have created a warm, caring, and safe learning environment where not only academics are important, but the social-emotional and physical growth of our students are also our focus.Your children will be learning and developing some amazing skills with our Early Childhood Program curriculum and our music, art, and physical education classes. We introduce language, math, science and social skills in a logical, natural sequence to encourage learning one step at a time. Our teachers  provide plenty of individual attention to support every  child's unique needs.

We offer a rich classroom environment where children are encouraged to explore and are challenged to learn, while making friends and developing self-confidence. They strengthen their cognitive skills with fun memory games in which they match objects that share similar characteristics. And, because children learn best by doing, we provide opportunities for hands-on experiences, such as creating collages, which combines creative expression with a tactile experience. 

Some of the things you can look forward to are The Core Knowledge Curriculum which is implemented from Nursery through Kindergarten.  This program is specifically designed to provide your child with the solid foundation he or she will need for later learning in elementary school and beyond.  The Core Knowledge Preschool Program is based on scientific research about how young children learn, as well as research into the best preschool practices around the world. Core Knowledge focuses on identifying specific goals in all areas of learning, setting high expectations for all children and teaching specific content knowledge and skills that will allow children to be successful in their academic growth.

Another component of our program is Chalav U’Dvash, a total immersion Hebrew program which exposes the children to spoken Hebrew for 10-20 minutes a day (depending upon their age).  They learn basic Hebrew conversation. 

For Physical Education, we are excited to bring in Playball, a program which introduces social skills through sports!

We also offer afterschool enrichments appropriate for our youngsters, taught by members of our own faculty.  The afterschool program takes place Monday through Thursday, from 3:30-4:30.  Some of the enrichment activities your child can look forward to are soccer, flag football (for the 4-6 year olds), cooking, art, sewing, silly science, and “Mindlab”, which is a series of games designed to tap into the child’s critical thinking skills.


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